Have you ever done something in your life that you enjoyed. Only to realize that you can’t make living on such low pay . Or maybe you just got fed up and said enough is enough. If so you might be a Hasbeen too!



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Call Us: 561-320-2427

What is Has Beens of Radio?

Has Beens of Radio is a Podcast of a bunch of friends that all at one time in there lives worked in radio. But do to the need to actually make money or deciding enough is enough. They all moved on to greener pastures. But because they all enjoyed a time of talking On Air have decided to team up for a show of friends talking about just about anything without the restriction that normal radio had. Get ready  for a wild ride and listen in.

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Latest Podcast

Show 46 |  10/25/2013

Show 46


This week we go over an interesting subject of Leon's Manscaping Servants. Gordon Lumley joins us for some new and old news. And in the holiday spirit we discuss Candy Apples and Tape Worms.

Hazbeens Of Radio - Show 46

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Terrance the Hair

Where are the carrots?

Neon Leon

Cough Cough

Judy Leigh

I did not say  that.


The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.

Lady Di

Good Day Sir!

Mr. Bill