Have you ever done something in your life that you enjoyed. Only to realize that you can’t make living on such low pay . Or maybe you just got fed up and said enough is enough. If so you might be a Hasbeen too!



Your favorite radio personalities from the past brought back together for one wild Podcast. A show not just about radio, but life after radio and the madness that ensues in a normal life. We are all has-beens at some point.


The Has-been's of Radio is a Podcast of a bunch of friends that all at one time in their lives worked in radio. However, between the need to actually make money or deciding enough is enough, they all moved on to greener pastures. Their love of each other and time of talking "On Air" they decided to team up for a show amongst friends talking about just about anything without the restriction that normal radio had. Get ready for a wild ride and listen in.